Nachos - Tortilla chips, mixed cheese, shredded lettuce, diced tomato, black olives and jalapeno peppers - Full - $10.99, Half - $7.99 add chili, beef or chicken - $2.00 each

Spinach and Artichoke Dip - served with tortilla chips - $7.99

Potato Skins - melted cheddar cheese and bacon, and sour cream - $7.49

Mozzarella Sticks - served with marinara sauce - $7.49

Chicken Tenders - served with fries and choice of dipping sauce - $9.99

Soft Pretzel - with mustard - $2.99, add cheese sauce $.50

Fried Pickles - with marinara sauce $6.99

Jalapeno Poppers - served with ranch dressing - $9.49

Fried Shrimp - with cocktail sauce - $10.99

Fried Mushrooms - served with ranch - $5.99

Southwestern Chicken Egg Rolls - served with ranch - $6.49

Vegetable Spring Rolls - served with sweet and sour sauce - $6.49

Tortilla Chips and Salsa - small - $2.99, large - $3.99

Chips and Dip Basket - fried chips served with spicy ranch - $4.99

Fried Cheese Platter - Mozzarella, Cheddar, and Pepper Jack Cheeses with Marinara - $9.99

Quesadillas - jalapeno cheese tortilla, served with salsa and sour cream

      Cheese - $6.99, Grilled, BBQ, blackened chicken or shaved steak - $9.49

Baskets - fries, onion rings, onion petals, potato wedges or tater tots -$4.49

Add cheese sauce or gravy - $.50 each

Other Sides - Baked or mashed potato, pasta salad, potato salad, cole slaw

or vegetable mix -  $1.99



Tossed in choice of sauce, served with chips, celery and ranch or bleu cheese

 6 Piece - $7.49, 10 Piece - $11.49, 20 piece - $20.99, 35 Piece - $36.99, 50 piece - $48.99

Sauces - Jamaican Jerk, General Tso, Salt & Vinegar, Dry Garlic Parmesan, BBQ, Chili Garlic

Teriyaki, Asian Zing and Buffalo (mild, hot, extra hot or Are You Kidding Me?)



 Bigx2 Salad - grilled chicken or shaved steak with tomatoes, cucumbers, celery and

 shredded cheese on mixed greens topped with two potato skins - $10.99

 Chef Salad - Greens, shredded cheese, tomato, cucumber, turkey and ham - $10.49

 Pour House Salad - Greens, shredded cheese, tomato, cucumber, onions and croutons -  $7.49

add chicken or shaved steak - add $2.00

Caesar Salad - Greens, parmesan cheese, croutons and $7.49

add grilled chicken or shaved steak -  $2.00

Taco Salad - Lettuce, Tomato, Jalapeños, Spiced Beef and Cheddar Cheese served

in a Fried Tortilla Bowl with Sour Cream and Salsa  $10.50 

Small House or Caesar Salad - $3.99


Choose your Dressing:

Blue Cheese, Honey Mustard, Ranch, Caesar, Italian or Low Fat Balsalmic


Burgers and Steak

Burgers are cooked to order and served with fries, lettuce, tomato and onion

Pour House Cheese Burger*- Cheddar, American, Swiss, Provolone or Pepper Jack Cheese

6oz - $8.99, 8oz - $9.99

Western Burger*- Sautéed Onions and Peppers, A1 Steak Sauce, and Provolone Cheese

6oz - $9.49, 8oz - $10.49

Mushroom Swiss*- Fresh Sautéed Mushrooms and Swiss Cheese. 6oz - $9.49, 8oz - $10.49

Bacon Cheddar*- Bacon under Melted Cheddar. 6oz - $9.49, 8oz - $10.49

Jalapeno Burger*- Sautéed Jalapenos, a Fried Onion Ring and Pepper Jack Cheese

Sliders*- 3 mini burgers with American cheese. 2 - $6.49, 3 - $9.49

Pour House Burger*- 6oz 7.49, 8oz  $8.49

Boca Veggie Burger - Cheddar, American, Swiss, Provolone or Pepper Jack Cheese  $7.99

 10 Ounce New York Strip Steak* - with any two sides  $14.99

  Sides - fries, onion rings, potato wedges, baked potato, mashed potatoes or small salad

Other Sides

Substitute homemade chips, onion rings, potato wedges, or Mac and Cheese - $1.00

add a small salad - $1.99 



Cheese  $6.49 Add Extra Toppings  $1.00 each, Deluxe - any 4 toppings  $9.49

Toppings - Pepperoni, Sausage, Meatballs, Green Pepper, Onions, Mushrooms, Black Olives, Banana Peppers, Extra Cheese or Jalapeños



3 Beef Tacos - Lettuce, Cheese, Tomato, in Choice of Soft Tortilla or Hard Shell $6.49


Sandwiches and Subs

Served with fries

Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich - served with lettuce and tomato - $9.99

Buffalo - Cheddar Cheese, Provolone Cheese and Bleu Cheese or Ranch Dressing

BBQ - BBQ - Honey BBQ Sauce and Melted Cheddar

Italian - Melted Provolone Cheese with Marinara Sauce

Cordon Bleu - Ham and Melted Swiss.

Cajun Rib Eye Sub - Blackened with Fried Onions, Pepper Jack Cheese on Toasted Sub Roll  $10.99

Hot Dogs - 2 Nathan's Hot Dogs - $5.99, add chili $1.00

Philly or Chicken Cheese Steak - Sautéed Onions and Green Peppers on a

Toasted Sub Rollwith Lettuce, Tomato and Mayo  $9.99 

French Dip - Roast beef, Swiss Cheese with Au Jus  $10.50

Rueben - Corned Beef, 1000 Island Dressing, Sauerkraut, Swiss Cheese on Rye Bread  $9.49

Brisket Sub - Smoked Brisket in BBQ Sauce with Cole Slaw on a Bun  $9.99

Beef Brisket Basket - Smoked Beef Brisket in BBQ Sauce on White Toast                   

with Fries and Cole Slaw  $11.50

Club Sandwich - Turkey, Ham, Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato and Mayo on

White, Wheat, Sourdough or Rye Bread  $9.99

Ham and Cheese Sandwich - Swiss Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato on Sub Roll  $7.49

Turkey Sandwich - Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo on White, Wheat, Sourdough or Rye Bread  $7.99

Open Face Turkey Sandwich - White Toast, Gravy, Mashed Potatoes and choice of side  $10.49

Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich - on White, Wheat, Sourdough or Rye Bread  $7.99

Tuna Salad - Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo on White, Wheat, Sourdough or Rye Bread  $7.99

Chicken Salad - Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo on White, Wheat, Sourdough or Rye Bread  $7.99

Fish and Chips - Battered Rockfish, Cole Slaw, “Chips” and Tartar Sauce  $10.49

Veggie Wrap - Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Shredded Cheese with Bleu Cheese,

Honey Mustard, Italian, Ranch or Caesar Dressing in a Jalapeno Cheese Tortilla  $7.99

Other Sides

Substitute homemade chips, onion rings, potato wedges, or Mac and Cheese - $1.00

add a  small salad - $1.99



Ice Cream - $2.99

Sundae - $4.99

Funnel Cake Fries - with powdered sugar  $5.99


Soft Drinks

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Coke Zero, Hi-C, Mr. Pibb, Ginger Ale, Sweet or Unsweetened Tea

and Coffee $2.49 with Free Refills, Red Bull  $4.00


*Warning: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood,

shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of  food borne illness